Best Scented Melts & Tarts

Have you ever tried scented melts/tarts? They are small (usually 1 to 2 ounces of wax) you place in a tealight or electric melter (electric melter from pictured to the left). Once hot enough, the melter will melt the wax you place in the dish which will then fill your home with scent. This is a great and inexpensive way to try scents before purchasing larger and more expensive candles. This is also a wickless alternative for those who wish to stay away from candle flames.

Candlefind picks for Best Scented Melts!

Here is an awesome article Deirdre wrote for Candlefind explaining in more detail about scented melts.

 Pictures below are a variety of melters to give you visual examples.

The far left is a Scentsy Electric Melter... the rest are tealight melters. 

Now, who makes the best scented wax melts and tarts? We have SOOOO many great recommendations.  Check out our Editor's picks page on where we list our favorites in all important categories. Every company we recommend are tried an true companies we love and fully endorse.

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