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Best Scented Candles

It's sometimes not easy finding the best scented candles.

Let's face it... not all candles are created equal. Some of us like shopping in stores, some exclusively online. Some want to smell each candle before purchase but reality wise, that's not always possible.

At we take the guesswork out of candle shopping. We buy candles, we review them and we let you know from there. The good, the bad, theso so.... you never know.

Our "best scented candle" list is not about picking the top 10 Goliath manufacturers - not even close - we actually TRY them all before endorsing them. If we like, if they're worthy, they make our list. So, who makes the best scented candles?

Editor's picks on Candlefind for THE best scented candles

Our top choices for best scented candles

Editor's picks on Candlefind for THE best scented candles

The link above will take you to our Editor's Picks page where we list who makes the "best scented candles." We're constantly changing our list as we try more and more scented candles and companies so please be sure to stop by often or shoot us an email if you have any recs for us. We'd love to know what you're favorite and best scented candles are.

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